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What you should do starting freshman year of high school

Hey everyone, long time no see! Through schoolwork and extra-curriculars, it has been a crazy couple weeks! It feels like I have one week off, with no tests/quizzes and a manageable amount of schoolwork. Then, I have a week on, where I am packed with so many tests and assignments due. However, to start the blog again, I want to start a series in which I give my biggest tips and what I think are the must-do items for getting ahead for each grade. Use this post if you are a freshman, but stay tuned for the sophomore and junior articles as well!

Your grades matter!

As easy as the classes may be, freshman year grades are really important. Freshman year has an equivalent rigor to eighth grade, and is very easy to manage. It is crucial that you keep your focus in classes and make sure to work hard for good grades. This way, your GPA ending freshman year is in a great place for the more rigorous classes that are to follow in sophomore year and beyond. Try your best to keep your highest possible scores in classes and not taking this year for granted. Think of it as a "freebie year," and take advantage of it in order to set yourself off right.

Get involved

Getting involved is SUPER important. Try out all clubs that you find interesting in order to see where you most fit and where you have the most fun. Developing good relationships with upperclassmen and working in projects that excite you will show good leadership skills and your potential. This way, when senior officers of clubs graduate, you can guarantee an officer position starting sophomore or junior year. More than that, showing passion in your interests can be very fulfilling!

Try out for sports

If you cannot tell by now, freshman year is all about trying new things and being open to new experiences. If you have a sport that you are very passionate about and are interested in playing, you should definitely try out. If you make the Varsity team starting freshman year, it shows great skill and consistency if you are able to be a varsity student-athlete all four years of high school. Even if you do not make Varsity, making great relations with students and coaches is an amazing way to have a hobby and a sport that you dedicate yourself to.

Make relations with your administration

Your high school experience will be much more worthwhile if you can foster relationships with people older than you. It is the only way for you to truly mature during your four years. This starts with proving yourself to administration and teachers. This includes your Principal, guidance counselors, and teachers. These relationships will increase your reliability and will make you stand out amongst your class. Be open to speak with adults and try your best to reach out of your comfort zone.

Please stay tuned for the sophomore and junior version of this series and I hope you take these tips into consideration during this school year. Take advantage of your time in high school and savor every moment, including the triumphs and challenges. Keep yourself open to all experiences and have fun along the way! DM me @eviespaceblog and let me know what you think!

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