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Welcome to EvieSpace! 

Hello, and welcome!

My name is Evanya Mathur, and I was born and raised in Hopkinton, a small town in suburban Massachusetts. Born to two first-generation immigrants from India, I have always had a zest for culture and travel, and all things based on the human experience. From a young age, I loved writing and forming my perspective through words. After this past year of growth and discovery during isolation, I wanted to share my words and experiences with the world. Now, as I turn sixteen, I understand the various struggles and pitfalls that teenagers have to face, and I want to communicate to others my age out there who are searching for reliability, vulnerability, and even just a friend.

On this page, enjoy posts regarding my top music and book picks, travel, and advice on topics sprawling from study tips to self-health. My goal with this blog is to connect to you all and share my relatable stories, witty advice, and opinions as I go through this rollercoaster that is called 'the teenage years' myself. 

So feel free to browse my page, check out my podcast, and contact me. Additionally, remember to take a deep breath; it will all be okay.


I hope you enjoy yourself on EvieSpace, and I will continue my work for you all from my little white desk in my room. Hope to hear from you, and once again, welcome to my world :)

- Evanya

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