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My Biggest Emotional Takeaways from the College Application Process

Hello everyone, and welcome back to EvieSpace! 

I am so glad to be back and posting more regularly after finishing the college application process. I feel that reflecting on the experience will help future applicants understand the amount of time, effort, and energy that went into completing my 20+ applications. Additionally, I hope that for all fellow juniors, my unique experiences can provide comfort and guidance to you as you begin your college application journey.

First of all, everyone’s college process is going to be extremely different. I struggled a lot with focusing on my individual college journey. I became engrossed in hearing about what majors my friends were applying into and their college lists. However, I realized that the more I focused on external commentary, the less focused I was on my own deliverables. You will have friends who do not apply to as many schools, get into schools early, or even get into schools that you do not. However, it is imperative to not worry about others’ journeys and focus solely on your individual applications and essays. 

Secondly, it is okay to go into the college application process without knowing exactly what you want to do or where you want to be. I highly recommend looking at liberal-arts schools for those of you who do not feel an affinity to a major or program. The more open the curriculum is, the more liberty you will have to find your footing and interests in college. Additionally, a liberal-arts curriculum will allow you to gain an interdisciplinary approach to your education. If you are someone who enjoys both psychology and mathematics, choose a place that allows you to invest in all of your interests. 

Third of all, I want to emphasize how important it is for you to be in the driver’s seat. Despite what your parents or grandparents may want from you, this time is pivotal to recognize what you want in the future. This can mean that you will have to engage in many serious and sometimes difficult conversations regarding your conflicting decision for your major and future career interests. Remember that you have to tell a story in the college admissions process. If that story is not organic or passion-driven, it will not come off as authentic for admissions officers. So, as hard as those decisions may be, follow YOUR gut feelings in order to have an authentic story. 

Finally, I want to end this blog by making sure you give yourselves grace. I was very hard on myself during this process and felt extremely burned out at times since I was giving every ounce of my energy without rewarding myself. Make sure to take breaks and engage in the fun of senior year. I know one of my biggest regrets is not being more present during senior events and spending all of my time worrying about completing my applications. Try your best to place your pride not in the results of the process, but everything that you put into the process. Regardless of the results, you should be proud of your work ethic, discipline, and dedication. 

Remember to stay positive during the difficult moments and give yourself immense props for your accomplishments. The undergraduate degree is small in the grand scheme of things, so do not take your results personally. It is the luck of the draw, which means you can only be proud of what you put in. 

The results will lead you to where you are supposed to be. Most of the time, where you end up is usually something you completely did not expect. It could be different from your dream school or somewhere that you are initially not very excited about. However, you will be constantly redirected towards what yields the best memories and experiences for you. Believe that!

Please reach out if you have any questions for me. I will write a more technical and logistical college application post in the coming days. Do not forget to subscribe for email updates and follow @eviespaceblog on instagram!


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