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My Favorite Spotify Playlists of This Year

I think we can all agree how much we loved our little places in the depths of our curated Spotify playlists. From TikTok sounds to gentle ballads, all have been embraced on the platform. I have used all of them for various occasions and thought you could as well! There is something for everyone on this list, so check them out down below!

#1: Bedroom Pop - Subtle tracks for studying or just chilling after a long day:

#2: Rap Caviar - For all of your hyping-up needs!

#3: Internet People - All of the most recognized sounds from social media all in one playlist

#4: Park hangs - Good vibes for when you need a break or hanging with friends

#5: idk. - For when the only thing you need are your thoughts and some music.

#6: ‘fit check - Need some confidence in your favorite outfit? This playlist is for you!

#7: Pop Rising - The BEST new pop songs (there are some amazing ones)

#8: Ms. Jackson Vibes by Shane Murphy - The best of 90s and 00s rap throwback.

#9: Lofi HipHop Music by Lofi Girl - Beats to Relax/Study To - My favorite lofi study playlist

#10: Romantic Ballads - When you need to feel some love

I really hope you check out these playlists and let me know what you think! Be on the lookout for my posts on my favorite artists of 2021 and all-time. DM me @eviespaceblog or message me on the website with your thoughts!


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