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I Have A New Show For You!!

Guys! I have an important announcement! Are you a language lover? YA Romance lover? I have everything you love wrapped into one perfect show: SKAM! SKAM is originally a Norwegian TV show that took teenagers around the world by a storm. After taking off in Norway, the TV show was adapted into many different languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and even English! I discovered the show over YouTube and have been hooked on every version ever since!

SKAM, in all versions, in some shape or form, follows the same plot of the original Norwegian version. It follows the lives of college students living in their respective countries, and each season, a specific character is put underneath the spotlight and we get to observe their development throughout the season. The special part of this show: each season is split up into clips of specific moments throughout the week. For example, Episode 1 is made up of the seven days of the weeks' clips and different moments throughout the week that help us get an understanding of what is going on in the main and supporting characters' lives.

My favorite part about SKAM is how inclusive it is. The seasons follow characters that are dealing with racism, friendships, sexuality, and religion. I do want to give a trigger warning: some episodes deal with self-harm and sexual assault. The over-arching theme of the show is how friends can help each other overcome even the most difficult situations. Also, how allowing people into your lives can make it even more beautiful!

Personally, I have loved being able to see the same type of script in various languages. Even if I do not fully understand what they are saying, it is the beauty that the language brings to the show. I never fully understood how much language contributes to acting, however, after watching the show in Dutch and then in French, the acting really does make a difference in a beautiful way. It gives it a unique touch that sometimes English just doesn't give.

Personally, the Belgian version (wtFOCK) was my absolute FAVORITE. The independence of European students is something that I admire. In the case of Euphoria, some of the material seems very fake because things like those do not usually happen to regular students in a US high school. However, everything that happens in the show are things that happen to many European students, something that is relatable and lovable. I really do recommend that you try the international versions before the English, as you will see the differences and beauty!

Here is a link to the original SKAM Norway. Depending on this storyline, you can predict what a majority of the other SKAMs are about. However, I still recommend that you watch more than this, as each country brings their own flare and fun to the characters. Again, please watch the Belgian version, it's my favorite!

Please let me know if you do choose to watch SKAM! As I think it will not only help you find a new, engrossing TV show, but it will make you even more interested in European culture and the beauty of speaking languages! DM me @eviespaceblog with your thoughts and favorite season!


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