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The Truth Behind Protecting Your Peace

I know that nowadays all over social media, the idea of protecting one’s peace has become a very popular subject. In modern context, protecting peace signifies becoming disconnected from external distractions like fake friends, toxicity, or even social media and instead focusing on becoming a better version of yourself. I, personally, am the number-one proponent of protecting peace, especially in high school when competition and toxicity is at an all-time high. Through the pandemic and being fully-remote, I was forced to protect my peace and really change my perspective on what it meant to spend time by myself. Even when I was with people, hanging out with individuals who really wanted to see me succeed and fulfill my goals became such an integral part of who I considered a close friend.

Even though my value system has completely changed, I do not deny that it is extremely hard to do a complete 360 on how you live your life. It requires a complete review of every aspect of your life to realize where you want things to change. Protecting your peace is all about helping yourself over the people around you. Not only do you have to change yourself, but realize relations that do not best suit you. Cleansing yourself of external toxicity and surrounding yourself with utmost positivity and encouragement make such an impactful difference to life. People who will fight for you, believe in you, and are proud of you are those who you want in your life. It doesn't have to be a lot of people, but good people. Quality over quantity!

Not only is it about friends, but your internal conversation is also so very important. Avoid being a people pleaser, someone who is supportive of others over yourself. Additionally, comparisons to other people will only foster negative feelings towards yourself. Have extreme confidence in your abilities and what you bring to the table. It changes EVERYTHING. You will not only become more picky about who you want around you, but also become more objective about people.

I do believe that there is no formula to doing this review for yourself. Everyone realizes the changes they need to make at different times in their life for various purposes as well. It will lead to an absolute shift in your perspective, relationships, and personal life. You just have to know whether you want this or not. The quiet life is definitely not for everyone, and being an extroverted person does not signify that you need this either. Doing everything in balance is a great aspect to enjoying your life. However, I would argue that having a holistic approach to your personal life will make extroverted experiences more exciting!

Do keep trying to make changes wherever you see fit in your life to make it more strong and connected. Live your life on your own terms to create the most meaningful version of it. :)


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