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How to Speed Study

Now that we are steady into the school year, many people in my school have begun to procrastinate and speak to me about their anxiety to take tests due to their ill-preparedness for tests and quizzes. Of course, sleep and physical health comes before anything, and sometimes, you just do not have any time in the day to study for yet another test or quiz. When this happens, sometimes you need to use a method that I like to call speed studying!

Speed studying is the best way to understand where you need to improve quickly. This is how it works: list down everything that you need to know for the exam/quiz, then cross off everything that you can properly explain. When you think of explanations, think of people, places, important dates, and special ideas that incorporate into that topic. After, look at the topics and ideas that you are not sure of. This is the only thing you are going to focus on. This means that you should answer those same questions (place, dates, and ideas) and make that all you remember or fill your brain with for the time you have before your test or quiz. Additionally, you should remember to never listen to music during this time. FOCUS and retain all the information that you possibly can.

I know that there is nothing better than having a lot of studies before a big test, but use the time wisely and try your best to use it to yield better outcomes. Think smartly and logically when trying to speed study and of course, I don’t highly recommend it as a first means of studying but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! No shame there!

Let me know if this works for you, and let me know how it works! DM me @eviespaceblog with your thoughts!


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