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How to Boost Your Study Productivity

Where I live in New England, we are currently going through Daylight Savings Time, also known as the WORST time of the year. By the time it is 5 o’clock, it is pitch dark outside. If you are like me, it completely throws you off track and leads to a loss in productivity. After trying for many months, I have come up with ways to combat this laziness the right way. Here are my tips to boost productivity:

#1: NASA Naps

NASA Naps are the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work/school without ruining the rest of your night. NASA says that you only need a 10-20 minute rest in order to boost your energy. So, when you come home, take a NASA nap and THEN get right into your work! You’ll find your focus will be fresh and you will easily wake!

Here is a link to learn more about NASA naps.

#2: Block out your time

Block out your time to allow yourself to achieve your goals in the allotted amount of time. Say, you have three hours before sports practice, take two hours for studying, and break down that time for each individual task. It leaves you feeling structured and ahead of the game!

Here is a template to plan out your time.

#3: Make reasonable goals

Along with my previous tip, making reasonable goals leaves you feeling accomplished. If you put too much on your plate, you will only get results that are not your best work. Instead, try to make goals that you KNOW will be doable.

Here is a template you can use to make your goals.


Something that changed the way I looked at doing my homework was how much I needed to provide to myself to be able to get the best results. Foods like almonds, yogurt, and apples, boosted my awareness as compared to pasta and heavy carbohydrates, which left me feeling tired and sleepy.

Click this link to see a list of foods for productivity: *LINK*

#5: Find your go-to entertainment

If you are like me, I LOVE having some type of entertainment happening while I do my work. Currently, it is The Office! Choose a show that you have watched and are familiar with, so it is some work in the back, but not necessarily distracting, but just nice noise in the back. Music works great too!

Here is my favorite Spotify study playlist.

#6: Have a deadline

If you know you don’t want to spend your entire day working on homework, I suggest using a deadline-system. Say you get home at 2 pm, set yourself a goal that you will finish by 4:30 pm. Accordingly, plan your time to make sure you have all the appropriate tools to finish in that deadline.

#7: Pick your study space wisely

I never knew how much my study space affected me! When I would sit at my desk in my room, I would be lured towards the bed within minutes. Instead, I would suggest you sit somewhere that relaxes you, but doesn’t make you sleepy. I use my dining room and it always helps when I want to be focused and energized.

Here are ways to expand your study space.

Thank you so much for reading and please message me or DM me @eviespaceblog on Instagram to let me know how you liked these tips! Remember, these are what worked for me, but do what makes you happy! I would love to know how you boost YOUR productivity. Let me know, and as always, keep on reading!


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