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Yummy Indian Food Ideas

Lately, I have been so happy to see many influencers on social media trying Indian food from local small-businesses. Growing up, I never thought that anyone would be interested in trying Indian food; however, now I love when people get excited or interested to try new things! Currently, I see a lot of people ordering butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and garlic naan. While that is really delicious, sometimes they are made with lots of heavy cream, sugar, and are not authentic Indian dishes. Here is my list of some dishes that you can try the next time you decide to order Indian food that are even tastier (and my personal favorites!).

1. Sukha Paneer

Sukha paneer is my all-time favorite dish that my grandma makes for me. Paneer is the Indian equivalent of tofu, and they are firmed cheese cubes. When they are cooked, they turn very soft and almost melt in your mouth. The cheese cubes are then combined with a tomato and onion mixture. When they are made fully,

sukha paneer pairs very well with naan or rice as well! It will always go down as one of the best authentic Indian foods.

2. Mutton Biryani

If you enjoy rice-based dishes like I do, biryani is the dish for you! This dish is a mix between flavored rice and a mutton (goat's meat) and tomato mixture. The flavored rice has various herbs, spices, and most especially, turmeric. The mutton meat is simmered and marinated for hours before, creating the most beautiful smells and softest meat. The beauty of mutton biryani is the layering of the dish. The two are then layered like lasagna and steamed for another thirty minutes. This dish is aromatic, delicious, and the best meal for anyone who wants a rice dish.

3. Chole Bhature

I absolutely love this dish -- it is the vegetarian version of a butter chicken. Chole bhature is a chickpea-based tomato dish that is paired with a soft, doughy, and chewy bread. When paired together, it is like eating small clouds of bread filled with flavorful chickpeas. I love the sweetness of the dish that is cut by the lemon and raw onions that you can put on top of the dish. When you order this dish, make sure to ask for extra lime and onion, as it is the BEST way to eat it!

4. Desi Chicken Curry

If you like butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, desi chicken curry is the dish for you! It is a versatile dish that you can have with either rice, naan, or roti. This rich and light curry mixed with soft chicken is the tastiest dish to have fresh with some cold desi yogurt (raita) with cucumber and Indian salt. Chicken curry is slow-simmered and extremely flavorful. I love eating this when I am craving something filling and flavorful. Pair this dish with pickled mango or raw onions (trust me!).

5. Paranthas

If you love the doughy texture of bhature or naan, then paranthas will be your dream come true! Paranthas use refined wheat flour and water to create buttery bread goodness. Paranthas are breads that can be served simply with salt and red chili flakes, or stuffed with vegetables like potatoes. Paranthas are the staple comfort food of North India, and many Indians eat it on-the-go or gourmet-style. You can pair raita with raita, pickled mango, or raw onions. Any way of eating this is tasty and so satisfying!

I really hope that you all use these ideas the next time you are craving some Indian food! I think Indian food is the best way to expand your palate and try new things. DM me the next time you try something new and let me know how it goes @eviespaceblog.


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