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Traveling internationally this summer? Here are some of my biggest tips

Hello everyone! I am here live from Mumbai, India, where I will be living for the next month. I am super excited to share lots of amazing things that I will be doing here too! Yesterday I got here and have so many tips on how to travel internationally after doing it for the past seven years. Here are the essentials that you NEED when you travel internationally to make the trip tolerable and more enjoyable, despite the class!

1: Travel-size toiletries are CRUCIAL

You always want to make sure that stay as clean as possible throughout traveling. It is very important so that you feel good despite the long hours and painful layovers. I always bring travel size toiletries like deodorant, lotion, dry shampoo, and eye masks to wear when you sleep. I have to go on two planes to travel to India, so during the layover, I always make sure to freshen up and feel clean before I go on my next plane. I bought a toiletry case on Amazon and all of my toiletries from CVS.

Here is the link to my toiletry case, you can get it for $22.99.

2: Keep your space clean

The longer the flight, the dirtier I feel. I always love to make sure that my space in front and around me is neat and always well kept. There is something about making sure your small and temporary environment clean that allows you to relax as you travel. Especially when it comes to economy class, the small space can create stress and discomfort, but cleaning up and staying put-together always helps. I try to do this after the meal service comes around and also when I am just about to fall asleep.

3: Don't eat plane food...

Plane food will never be good no matter how hard we try to believe so. It is filled with lots of chemicals, fake additives, and tons of sodium, which leads to bloating and swelling on your hands and feet, which makers for an even more uncomfortable ride. I try to eat at the airport or my house before flying. It allows me to control what I put into my body and eat what makes me feel good. Additionally, I avoid all fountain drinks on planes and spring for water instead, to make sure I am always hydrated.

4: Always be prepared

Flying in 2022 means that you can expect delays, cancellations, and lots of waiting time. I try not to rely only on the in-flight entertainment, as it is not always the best in variety. I always make sure that I have a good book on hand and tons of downloaded movies and songs on my phone and tablets. This allows for lots of options for when it starts to get boring during layovers or wait times. I always like to also bring good headphones and not use the ones they give (you never know where those have been...)

5: Be sure to check 2022 regulations

I always like to have smooth times at the airport that aren't filled with chaos and confusion, especially when traveling overseas. I always make sure to check the travel regulations in the countries that I am going to and like to make sure that I have all of the documents that I need for when I am at the airport. Additionally, I like to get to the airport at least three hours before departure as it allows for extra time and assurance that I will not miss my flight.

Here are the current travel regulations for all countries!

I hope this list helps you plan for your next trip and try your best to glamorize even the very tiring parts of your vacation. There are ways to make even those moments very fun!


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